PCV2 vaccine on the cards for Europe

EU - The PCV2 vaccine Circovac, may be available in Britain within three to six months. The European Medicines Agency Committee for Medicinal Products for Veterinary Use has recommended that the vaccine, produced by Merial, is granted marketing authorisation.
calendar icon 8 May 2007
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Circovac has received a provisional licence in Canada and producers in the UK believe its approval in Europe will have a significant impact in the fight against wasting diseases.

The approved indication for the vaccine is:

Passive immunisation of piglets via the colostrum, after active immunization of sows and gilts, to reduce lesions in lymphoid tissues associated with PCV2 infection and as an aid to reduce PCV2-linked mortality.”

In simple terms, this means that breeding females follow the recommended Circovac vaccination programme to stimulate their immune systems into producing antibodies. These antibodies are then passed to the progeny via the mother’s colostrum. The duration of immunity, following transfer to the piglets, is up to five weeks.

The active constituent in Circovac is inactivated type 2 porcine circovirus (PCV2). The virus is believed to be an integral factor in the PMWS/PMWS disease complex.

The benefits of the vaccine are its ability to reduce lesions occuring in lymph tissues, which is associated with the disease and significantly compromises the immune response to infection. It also helps to reduce piglet death rates.

The most common side effect of the vaccine in sows and gilts are slight and transient local reactions. This may include: swelling and redness at the injection site, and in some cases oedema, which are usually resolved within four days post injection.

The European Medicines Agency Committee says that on the basis of the quality, safety and efficacy data submitted by Merial, it considers that there is a favorable benefit-to-risk balance for Circovac and therefore is recommending it for European license.

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