Pigs injured after vandals attack free range farm

by 5m Editor
29 May 2007, at 8:32am

UK - Animal rights extremists have been accused of attacking a farm belonging to Peter Gott, who uses free range and organic methods and is also a mentor to Jamie Oliver.

Fences that were used to keep rare breeds apart were cut and ancient stone walls were broken down to encourage the wild boar to escape.

Mr Gott said: "We are a very welfare-friendly operation but certain species do not always get on well together.

"Two saddleback boars and a wild boar fought and crushed four piglets to death.

"One sow has died and one sow who was due to give birth is so badly injured that we do not expect her unborn piglets to survive."

Mr Gott added: "How this can be described as animal rights I don't know." Sillfield Farm near Kendal, Cumbria was attacked in the early hours of Friday.


5m Editor