Russian embargo on Polish meat damaging international credibility of Polish food

by 5m Editor
17 May 2007, at 9:10am

POLAND - The Russian embargo on Polish meat has damaged the credibility of Polish food on international markets, says the Polish Federation of Food Producers (PFPZ).

I think that the main effect of the embargo is seen in the media - the embargo undermines the credibility of Polish food internationally, said PFPZ Chief Executive Andrzej Gantner. "Regaining our position on the Russian market would take a long time, but lifting the embargo would improve the credibility of Polish food," he added

Russia banned Polish meat imports for alleged procedural and sanitary irregularities in November 2005. The Polish administration retorted by vetoing EU-Russian trade talks in late 2006.

Gantner said that sizeable Polish losses have come as a result of the ban - although he said continuing hog exports has buffered the damage somewhat.


5m Editor