75,000 Euro's available for PCV-2 Research - Apply here!

by 5m Editor
25 June 2007, at 1:23pm

EU - Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health GmbH is offering a total sum of 75,000 €uro's annually for the best research proposals in the field of applied immunological PCV-2 research.

Three prizes of 25,000 € each* will be awarded to those European researchers that suggest innovative approaches in the field of:
  • vaccine immunity
  • maternal immunity
  • interaction of PCV-2 with other (potential) pathogens
One of the 3 awards is specifically intended for field research proposals suggesting innovative approaches in the above areas of interest. For the 2007 award, research proposals shall be submitted in writing by September 15, 2007. Proposals shall not exceed 6 pages and must meet the following formal requirements:
  • 1 page CV of the researcher who is directly responsible
  • Introduction including literature review
  • Objectives of the research proposal
  • Work programme, incl. estimated timelines
  • Reference list (also indicate own references in PCV-2 research).
Proposals will be reviewed until November 15, 2007 by an independent board.

Chairman: Prof. em. Dr. Maurice Pensaert

Board members:
F. Madec (France),
S. Done (UK),
P. Martelli (Italy),
P. Baekbo (Denmark)
M. Ritzmann (Germany)

If you are interested in applying, please send your proposals in Word format (12 point type, double spaced) to [email protected]

5m Editor