EU pig prices: Slightly weak despite narrow live offer!

by 5m Editor
27 June 2007, at 9:00am

EU - The new week’s prices tend to be weakening a little all over the European slaughter pig market. Supply is comparably narrow of pigs finished pigs, but meets good demand on the part of the slaughter companies.

Meanwhile, the slaughter companies are complaining about difficulties they face on the meat business side.

Against this background, quotations are are developing a non-uniform pattern. While prices continue to increase slightly in Spain, quotations remain unchanged in Denmark, Great Britain, Sweden and France. A deduction in quotations must however be accepted in Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium as a result of strong German prices, which influence markets in these countries.

Currently, live exports of cull sowsfor slaughter are being criticised in the media in Denmark. Responding quickly to such criticism, the Danish government has already closed down two reloading points. As a consequence, Danish Crown expects the number of exports of sows to fall quite noticeably over the next few weeks.


5m Editor