Feral pig removal trial to be adopted far north

by 5m Editor
4 June 2007, at 1:51pm

QUEENSLAND - Feral pig management will be stepped up in far north Queensland with a three-month trial programme to remove feral animals.

The State Government will begin advertising for pig trappers, after a forum between land-holders and Government representatives in Innisfail on Friday.

The forum has already heard how one canegrower had shot 360 pigs on his farm at Silkwood during a six month period.

Canegrowers' Innisfail representative Wayne Thomas has welcomed the announcement because feral pigs are ruining all types of crops.

"It's not only cane farmers, banana farmers, small horticulture crops, paw-paw growers and other farmers are also affected, although certainly cane is most prominent," he said.

Source: ABC Newsonline

5m Editor