"Modern Pig Breeding 2007" Looking into the Future: Technologies, Investments, Business

UKRAINE - On June the 15th expets from the worlds top porcine companies will meet to discuss the current hot topics facing the global industry today. The conference is to be held in Kyiv in Ukraine. The speakers list is given as follows:
calendar icon 13 June 2007
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Selections and genetics of Ukrainian and foreign pig breeds and their breeding experience in Ukraine

Girt Rutten, Manager Hypor B.V. (The Netherlands) Hypor

Hypor B.V. is a part of Euribrid, the breeding division of Nutreco. Euribrid, is a division that comprises four dedicated breeding companies, each focusing on its own specific species – broilers, layers, turkeys and pigs. As a part of the Euribrid organization, Hypor B.V. and its sister companies are all members of worldwide Nutreco. This group, which has some 11.000 employees, is committed to supporting successful agriculture and aquaculture practices, in areas of breeding stock and feeding.

Hypor has become widely recognized for our well-established product lines. Our product is known as being more genetically advanced than any available in quantity from other sources.

The Company’s success has been based upon excellent scientific practice. Our genetic program has proven superior with respect to achieving genetic and physical gains

Artificial insemination questions

Gennady Popa, Production Manager PIC International Group (UK) PIC

PIC is the international leader in providing genetically superior pig breeding stock and technical support for maximizing genetic potential to the global pork chain. PIC combines quantitative sciences with leading edge biotechnology to develop non-GMO breeding stock that is focused on meeting the needs of its customers. This approach provides healtheir animals that cost less to produce and provide higher quality products to customers. Operating for over 40 years, PIC's success is attributed to its thorough concentration and significant investment in aspects of genetics, technology and health.

Our mission is to be the leading worldwide supplier of genetic improvement to pork chain customers through innovative and outstanding genetic technology, health and services.

A subsidiary of biotechnology leader Genus plc, PIC's business is the genetic improvement of pigs. In the early 1960s a small group of Oxfordshire pig farmers, concerned that the traditional purebred breeders were not producing the right pig for future markets, invited a group of scientists to devise a way of producing a better hybrid. Following their advice, they bought the best pigs they could find and began to improve them by a process of selection.

PIC is able to produce improved breeding stock by identifying desirable traits that are heritable, setting selection objectives and then running intensive breeding programs. As a result of this process, PIC delivers significant value to its customers in an industry where continual genetic improvement can be a key factor in helping ensure a pig producer remains competitive.

PIC has been delivering this genetic improvement year on year for more than 40 years, during which time it has expanded into over 30 countries on six continents.

Up-to-date equipment for pig breeding

Thomas Thomsen, Area Sales Manager, Big Dutchman (Germany) ACMC Breeders

A new era dawned in 1938 when the first automatic chain feeder was developed. Inspired by the inventors’ Dutch origin, they named their feeder Big Dutchman.

Today, Big Dutchman is the world’s leading supplier of pig and poultry equipment, represented in more than 100 countries all around the globe.

Worldwide Big Dutchman is the symbol for quality, reliability and good service.

Innovative technology, logically consistent development of products which are in line with market requirements and individual problem solutions for our customers are part of a successful company strategy.

Thanks to the countries Big Dutchman has distributors and sales companies – as well functioning and remarkable service network is ensured.

In modern pig rearing and finishing, adequate penning equipment, feeding systems and environment control are of high significance for your success.

With its perfect systems, Big Dutchman is able to guarantee efficient and animal-friendly pig management. Our experts will find the optimum solution for you requirements, no matter whether it is a new installation or an old system to be rebuilt.

Other subjects will include:

Main Trends And Developmental Prospects Of Pig Breeding And Pig Meat Market In Ukraine - Nikolay Vernitsky, Director ProAgro Information Company The Current Condition.
Underlying principles of stock breeding on Ukrainian pig farms' - Dr. Rex Walters, Leading Geneticist, UPB Ltd
Energy concentration, need for amino acids, mixed feed consumption ratio in pig breeding - Valentina Mirgorodskaya, Deputy Director, Head Specialist Agroteh (Ukraine.)
AMAKO modern equipment for pig farms - Victor Skripnik, Manager of Project for Pig Breeding Equipment Sales AMAKO Ukraine (Ukraine).
Modern trends of equipment upgrade and modernization of the present pig farms - Sergey Sitnikov, Commercial Director Agrotex Consult (Ukraine).
Pig slaughtering and butchering equipment and technologies. Technologies of meat output and quality increase - Konstantin Samoylenko, Head of Representatives Linco Food Systems A/S (Denmark).
Management and production of modern pig enterprise - Kshishtoff Vlechik, Specialist-Zootechnician POLnet (Poland).
Problems and prospects of pig breeding in Ukraine in view of the WTO accession. Export potential of the industry - Rostyslav Pavlovskyy, Zootechnology (Ukraine)
Prevention and treatment of the most common pig disease - Olesya Lyulya, Medical Consultant Bio-Test-Laboratory, Research-and-Production Company (Ukraine).
Technologies of pig breeding waste utilization and processing, its economic effectiveness - Igor Aksyutov, Commercial Director Zorg Ukraine (Ukraine.

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