Pig Recording Via The Internet

by 5m Editor
20 June 2007, at 6:05am

WORLD - PigCom, the Windows-based PC herd recording system, can now be downloaded direct via the Internet. Developed over the past four years by pig-breeding company ACMC for their own in-house recording, it became clear that the system would benefit commercial herds.

The software is intended for use both as an aid to weekly routines and to help with vital business management decisions through identifying Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Multiple herds in different locations can be recorded on the one system and, where required, these can be consolidated for an overall view. Entering data is straight-forward and the system has good editing and search capabilities. Reports and data can be electronically exported as attachments to emails.

Available on an annual lease basis, PigCom is priced according to herd size - for example, £125 for a 500-sow herd following an initial payment of £250. This includes on-line and telephone support and upgrades.

PigCom can be downloaded by visiting

5m Editor