EU pig prices: High temperatures bull the market

by 5m Editor
18 July 2007, at 9:52am

EU - The overall atmosphere is very friendly on the European finished pig market. Record temperatures measured in Northern and Central Europe have also caused prices to jump.

A positive trend was supported by increasing prices observed in Germany last week. And prices are increasing again this week, up by five cents and to a corrected EUR 1.45 per kg slaughter weight.

Other countries are following suit: Belgium and the Netherlands are increasing their prices by four cents, and Denmark quotes two cents higher. France, succeeded in stopping the downward trend, giving a price increase of 0.4 cents. Prices were reported to give slightly throughout Southern Europe, too.

Quotations across Europe are currently affected by the below average supply of slaughter pigs. Producers in France finally stood up to the slaughter companies who are now expecting the number of pigs to continue to decline. No increase in supplies is expected in the other countries, although the Dutch report a booming export trade toward Poland and Hungary.


5m Editor