EU pig prices: Prices stabilise

by 5m Editor
26 July 2007, at 8:33am

EU - The European finished pig market proves to be steady this week.

After watching its neighbours' prices rise, french pig revenues now seems to have turned a corner. France reports considerably increased prices to EUR 1.402 per kg slaughter weight, while prices have remained fairly static in Germany and Denmark.

Quotations fell slightly in Spain. This decrease, however, is unusual for this time of year and is attributed to significant differences found between Northern and Southern European prices.

Severe damage, caused by a fire at the Danish Skive slaughter means tha factory will be out of production for six to 10 weeks. Danish Crown, says that any surplus pigs may be allocated to other sites, so exports of live pigs to Genrmany will not be affected. The situation is the second incident this year. The country’s third largest abattoir expericenced similar circumstances last April.


5m Editor