Pork industry threatened

by 5m Editor
6 July 2007, at 7:09am

OTTAWA - The new free-trade agreement the United States and South Korea have negotiated threatens to cut Canadian pork out of the market, says Canadian Pork Council President Clare Schlegel.

If that deal and others like it are “left unmatched by Canada, (it) will result in our pork and many other products losing out to the U.S. and other exporters in important foreign markets,” Schlegel warned in a recent news release.

“These trade agreements are crucial in opening up further market access opportunities for Canada,” Schlegel said.

“The Canadian hog and pork industry has a vital interest in improved export access and not falling behind other countries that have been aggressively pursuing regional trade agreements, such as the US and Chile,” Schlegel said.

Source: Farm Focus

5m Editor