Animal movement ban relaxation welcomed

by 5m Editor
8 August 2007, at 5:30pm

UK - The Country Land and Business Association (CLA) has welcomed the announcement that from midnight tonight (Wednesday 8 August), movement to slaughter and the disposal of fallen stock can begin under strict biosecurity controls outside the protection and surveillance zone.

David Fursdon, CLA president said: "There will be a collective sigh of relief from farmers who have faced mounting financial difficulties since the nationwide ban on animal movements. For diversified farmers who've been welcoming the public onto their farms, it will be a massive relief to know that fallen livestock can now be removed.

"Movements to slaughter will be able to commence outside the protection zones and the wider surveillance zone under strict controls. The CLA believes this decision has been based on close co-operation with the industry and on risk-based veterinary and scientific advice.

"Of course now, more than ever, biosecurity will remain absolutely paramount. Strict guidelines have been provided by Defra and we would urge farmers and land managers to take every precaution possible and remain extremely vigilant," concluded Mr Fursdon.

5m Editor