British Pig Meat Supplies Re-Start

by 5m Editor
9 August 2007, at 8:48am

UK - The announcement that licensed movement of pigs in England and Wales from farm direct to abattoir was re-instated at midnight last night (8 August), was fantastic news says British Pig Executive Chief Executive Mick Sloyan.

Defra has announced that cattle, sheep and pigs outside the Foot and Mouth Surveillance and Protection Zones are now permitted to move direct to slaughter under a general license.

Livestock must travel direct from individual farms to authorised abattoirs and vehicles must be throroughly cleansed and disinfected before leaving the abattoir.

Mick Sloyan said that this was great news for pig farmers and consumers.

“It means the vast majority of pigs can move into the processing sector and relieve mounting pressure on farms. There is still a long way to go to get the market back to normal, but this is an important first step.

However Mr Sloyal was quick to point out that the industry discount the situation. The country was still trying to manages and resolve a serious disease outbreak.

"I urge all producers, transporters and abattoirs to remain extremely vigilant and to implement the highest standards of biosecurity,” he stressed.

5m Editor