China Sees Control of Pig Disease

by 5m Editor
28 August 2007, at 9:56am

CHINA - The government of China says much progress has been made in efforts to control the spread of blue-ear pig disease. Government officials said last week that forty-seven thousand pigs were infected in July. That was down more than fifty percent from the number reported for June.

Pigs in China's eastern Shandong Province receive a blue-ear disease vaccine

The name for the virus comes from the fact that infected pigs can temporarily develop discolored ears. The scientific name is porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome.

China has an estimated five hundred million pigs. An Agriculture Ministry spokesman said more than one hundred million pigs have been given vaccine to prevent the disease.

The spokesman said two hundred fifty-seven thousand pigs were infected with the virus this year. Sixty-eight thousand of them died. Many more were destroyed.

An Agriculture Ministry official said the outbreak involves a form of the virus that is unusually deadly to pigs.

Vietnam also has reported recent cases of blue-ear disease.

The disease causes reproductive failure in female pigs and breathing difficulties in young pigs. Older pigs may also be affected. Signs of the disease can include high fever and cases of pneumonia. Pigs weakened by the virus are more likely to get bacterial infections.

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