Eu pig export ban lifted

by 5m Editor
23 August 2007, at 11:41am

EU - News of the re-opening of export markets in the EU to British pig meat will give the industry a much-needed boost says the British Pig Executive (BPEX).

Before the outbreak of foot and mouth disease, exports to the EU were worth almost £150 million a year.

BPEX Chief Executive Mick Sloyan said the EU was a very important market for Britain.

Most of our cull sows were exported to Germany and we also export pork for manufacturing. The re-opening of these temporarily lost markets will relieve some of the pressure in the abattoir sector.

However, he said there was still work to be done in markets outside the EU still closed to us.

Mick said: "While Europe is a valuable market British pig meat is normally exported much further afield - markets such as Japan and Korea.

"Negotiations will have to take place with each country individually and BPEX will be continuing to support the work of Defra to achieve this as soon as possible.

"These are countries which take offals and residual cuts which have little value in the UK - or may even incur a disposal cost - but can command a premium overseas.

Exports to the EU could start again as early as Saturday and Mick said exporters needed to be on the blocks waiting for the gun because the demand for British pork is out there.

5m Editor