EU pig prices: Markets for live pigs and meat prove to be diverging!

by 5m Editor
8 August 2007, at 8:35am

EU - This week, the markets for live pigs and meat are diverging throughout the European slaughter pig market.

While not too many live pigs are on offer across Europe, the meat business is said to putting on pressure some slaughter companies report. For this reason, the Dutch quotation is giving in this week and quotes from Germany also remains unchanged. Live pigs here seem to be selling without difficulty - which may be a factor of continued good weather.

However, some major processors say that people are not willing to establish the recommended prices and have announced their own internal prices undercutting. Pooled prices are said to be down by as much as 4 cents.

Quotations in Denmark and Sweden remain unchanged this week, continuing to bring up the rear within the European price structure.

And after foot-and-mouth disease was diagnosed in Great Britain, the UK government issued a ban on pork exports. Around 100 000 tons of pork are being exported from Great Britain every year and about a quarter of it is exported toward Germany. The current ban may help ease the German market situation.


5m Editor