Food Industry: GM Pork Already Widespread in Finland?

FINLAND - The majority of pork imported to Finland is likely to have been fed genetically modified (GM) soy, reports YLE Radio News.
calendar icon 13 August 2007
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Most pork consumed by Finns is probably raised on GM pig feed, according to Pasi Lähdetie, director of the Finnish Food and Drink Industries' Federation.

Lähdetie concedes that it is impossible for consumers to know how domestic meat has been produced, as GM labelling is not required.

EU legislation requires that products containing GM particles must be marked on food packaging. However DNA of genetically manipulated molecules broken down in animals' digestion do not require labelling.

"When it comes to imported meats, it is difficult to estimate what the GM-fed share is. It is very likely that the majority of imports are raised on GM fodder," said Lähdetie.

GM Soy Sold in Ostrobothnia?

Meanwhile, the newspaper Maaseudun Tulevaisuus reports that a feed company in central Ostrobothnia has been selling GM soy to dozens of Finnish farms for the past year and a half.

Nevertheless, Lähdetie does not see any problems with the issue.

"This matter falls under the category of daily EU affairs. As the EU does not require labelling, Finland has not taken any steps to impose regulations on labelling for GM fed animals. The feed which has been imported has been properly marked according to EU regulations," confirms Lähdetie.

Moreover, Lähdetie said he believes that if labelling for GM fed animals had been considered important for the consumer or for any other purposes during the legislation process, it would have been addressed by legislators.

For the moment, EU legislation does not require labelling. Should Finland begin labelling, domestic and imported meats would be placed in very unequal positions, he says

Source: YLE
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