Japan bans British pork following foot-and-mouth outbreak

by 5m Editor
4 August 2007, at 10:36am

TOKYO - Japan has suspended imports of pork from pigs reared in Britain in the wake of the British government's announcement that foot-and-mouth disease has been detected in cattle on a farm in southern England.

The measure is expected to have a limited impact on Japanese consumers. Japan imported only 5 tons of pork from Britain in fiscal 2006, a fraction of its overall imports of 737,000 tons, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

The United States, Denmark and Canada account for 80 percent of the import total.

Including domestically produced pork, Japan consumes around 1.6 million tons of pork each year, the ministry said.

Japan has already banned beef imports from Britain due to the outbreak of mad cow disease there.

5m Editor