Livestock movement restrictions could be eased soon

by 5m Editor
14 August 2007, at 12:04pm

UK - Restrictions on the movement of livestock across Britain which were introduced to prevent the spread of foot-and-mouth disease may be relaxed by the end of this week, the Chief Veterinary Officer said yesterday.

A national animal movements ban has been in place since the outbreak of disease on two farms in Surrey, although, exceptions - such as the movement of animals to slaughter, to milking or for emergency treatment - are in place, subject to licences and strict biosecurity conditions.

"By the end of the week we should be able to make some sort of staged, risk-based approach to animal movements," said the chief vet, Debby Reynolds.

A spokeswoman for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said if no more cases of the disease were reported, restrictions could gradually be lifted.

5m Editor