Cull threat for Victoria's pig producers

by 5m Editor
25 September 2007, at 12:06pm

AUSTRALIA - Increased imports, low farm gate prices and high grain feed costs have left many pork producers with no option but to sell stock.

About 7000 breeding sows are expected to be slaughtered in Victoria in the next month, a Kotupna pork producer said last week.

Pork producers from the Goulburn Valley, who are describing it as the toughest time they have faced, gathered last Thursday night to discuss the looming crisis facing the industry.

VFF Pig Group committee member and Kotupna pork producer David Miles said the amount of imports coming into the country was devastating the local industry.

"There has been a 100 per cent increase of imported pig meat in the past two years which is putting undue pressure on fresh trade," Mr Miles said.

Source: CountryNews

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