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NETHERLANDS - To maintain SPF status after re-stocking, Hypor recommends that pig units are declared a "closed farm" as soon as the new animals have entered. Pigs can leave the farm, but principally new breeding animals will not enter the farm.
calendar icon 17 September 2007
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In-house breeding is done via data transfer to the Hypor Breeding Database in the Netherlands. The genetic upgrade of breeding stock is done by application of the Hypor BLUP-program, transfer of semen from Hypor pure line boars and a strict selection program at the farm. All breeding protocols are guided by Hypor.

The health status of the farm is at an SPF (Specific Pathogen Free) level, meaning that the pigs are free of all disease. This means significantly lower vaccination and medication costs and enhanced performance, raising the farmer's profit margins. Acclimatisation of breeders for customers is done outside the nucleus farm to make sure that the SPF status is maintained and that the breeders will easily adapt to the conditions of the client's farm.

Employees of the farm follow strict bio-security rules, such as changing clothes, showering and a two-day stay in quarantine before entering. Clothes must be changed and boots disinfected before entering each barn. Movement of goods and animals is strictly separated between internal and external transport. Visitors are only allowed when absolutely necessary and must follow similar strict bio-security protocols.

As a bonus, the construction of a biogas installation using the manure of the farm will be finished in a few months, and the energy generated will be re-used for the farm and employee accommodations!

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