Harvest crunch pushes up price of meat

by 5m Editor
5 September 2007, at 11:30am

UK - The price of bread, pork, chicken, eggs and beer is set to soar because of poor harvests.

Bad weather worldwide and rising demand has pushed up the cost of wheat and animal feed.

Now farmers are warning that they will go to the wall if the supermarkets do not put up their prices.

A loaf will rise by 8p bringing the cost of a Hovis large white sliced to £1.05. Pork could increase by up to 17p a pack and 12 to 15p a kilo for chicken and the same hike for a dozen eggs.

Scottish and Newcastle breweries, which makes Fosters and John Smiths, warned last month that a pint could go up by 10p.

National Pig Association boss Stewart Houston, fears many farmers, who have seen animal feed rise by nearly 100 per cent, may go bust.

He warned: "If we don't get an early price increase to farmers there will be a shortage of British meat very quickly."


5m Editor