Hog Confinement Issue Debated In Lincoln Co.

by 5m Editor
27 September 2007, at 11:24am

US - Lincoln County Commissioners heard from those for and against a proposed hog confinement operation near Canton Tuesday, and the discussion isn't over.

Jim Van Beek and Pork Plus, LLC want to build a 2200 hog facility near Canton. But people who live in the area, including Odell and Dorothy Overgaard are concerned that it would go up near the Lewis and Clark Pipeline. "That's a water source for 200,000 people 50 feet away from a million gallons of manure," said Odell Overgaard.

The Overgaards, also worry the 11,000 gallons of water a day needed for the hogs could affect private wells in the area. And they say there is currently no suitable road to get to the facility. "The roads are totally impassable. Somebody's going to have to build a road and that's going to impact taxpayers," said Overgaard.

Source: Keloland

5m Editor