Merial Launches CIRCOVAC In The EU

EU - Merial has obtained its European Registration from the EMEA for its new vaccine; CIRCOVAC®. Following the decision, it will now be allowed to launch in all EU Member States, from September to January next year.
calendar icon 18 September 2007
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CIRCOVAC® is an inactivated vaccine against Porcine Circovirus type 2 (PCV2), administered to sows and gilts. Newborn piglets with a good colostrum uptake are reported to benefit from a very effective specific passive protection against PCV2 infection.

Merial's new PCVAD Vaccine - Circovac™ CIRCOVAC® vaccination of the sows and gilts will therefore help the immune system of their piglets to mature in a correct and efficient way during their first weeks of life. Further on, piglets will be able to build properly their own PCV2 active immunity.

The vaccine is injected via intramuscular according to the following vaccination scheme:

  • Gilts/sows: one injection, followed 3 to 4 weeks later, by a second injection, at least 2 weeks before mating or farrowing, accordingly.
  • Revaccination: one injection at each gestation, at least 2 to 4 weeks before farrowing.

Due to the emergency situation regarding PMWS and PCV2 diseases in several countries, CIRCOVAC® was granted Special Authorizations for more than 2 years by the relevant competent authorities in France, Germany, Denmark, UK and Canada. With over 1.5 million sows already vaccinated, CIRCOVAC® has already achieved unmatched field results.

It has been proved that CIRCOVAC® induces:

  • A reduction of viral shedding, thereby lowering the risk of exposure of the litter early in life;
  • A decreased incidence of diseases frequently associated with PCV2 (respiratory disease complex, digestive disorders…);
  • A decreased frequency of treatments, especially anti infective treatments;
  • A significant decrease of mortality attributable to PCV2 diseases and crude mortality;
  • Improved growth performances (Average Daily Gain, Feed Conversion Ratio).

In addition to other technical and sanitary benefits, users have consistently reported a reduction in the workload for stockmen.

In all, the field experience in the different countries allowed to evaluate the economical benefit of vaccination at 80 - 120 € per sow per year. It also gives farmers peace of mind and allows them to focus on their main priority: raising healthy pigs.

For over 10 years, MERIAL has been a major player in the research of PMWS and PCV2 diseases. MERIAL priority was to offer a solution to the swine industry against a new and devastating syndrome: CIRCOVAC® is the biological answer.

CIRCOVAC® is aimed to be used in all sow farms with signs of PCV2 diseases and poor performances of pigs of different ages. CIRCOVAC® brings back pig farm profitability and restores farmers peace of mind.

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