Outrage as pigs released to go wild

by 5m Editor
4 September 2007, at 10:09am

AUSTRALIA - Pig shooters and conservationists are angry at reports of domestic pigs being released into the wild in Queensland.

Concerns have been raised in central Queensland that some shooters are releasing youngs pigs in the Rockhampton area so they do not have to travel so far to shoot them.

The Australian Pig Doggers and Hunters Association's Wayne Flintham says it is totally irresponsible and against the law.

"We really detest them sort of people doing that sort of stuff obviously," he said. "We frown upon this very much so, we're here to try to rid Australia of these pests and letting them go in not something we like."

Biosecurity Queensland says the fine for releasing pigs is up to $30,000, but no-one has ever been prosecuted.

Source: ABC Rural

5m Editor