Premier sausage man backs British producers

by 5m Editor
27 September 2007, at 11:02am

UK - Award-winning sausage maker John Langford is throwing his weight behind the campaign to get a fair return for British pig producers.

John, who runs the Welsh Sausage Company, has pledged to pay a higher price for his meat provided he can be sure the increase goes back down the supply chain to the producer.

The need for an increase in retail prices was highlighted in a report by the British Pig Executive (BPEX) which charted a doubling in the rise of wheat - the main element of pig feed - in the last year. That means, at present, pig farmers are being paid £1.10 per kilo when their costs are £1.44 a kilo, a loss of £23 a pig.

John said:
"If we need to put up the price I have no problem with that. I have spoken to my customers and they would be willing to pay a bit more rather than see British sausages disappear off the shelves. People are keen to buy British produce but if they don’t look after it, they are going to lose it."

5m Editor