Science Into Practice: Conference focus for JSR

by 5m Editor
3 September 2007, at 12:03pm

NOTTINGHAM - 'Putting Science into Practice' is the topic for JSR Genetic's 18th Technical Conference to be held at the University of Nottingham on 18th September.

Hosted by JSR Chairman Tim Rymer, at the Sutton Bonnington Campus, the event will bring together many of the industry's most innovative thinkers.

  • Professor Chris Pollock of the University of Wales will be investigating how agriculture can deliver within the context of England's 'green and pleasant land'
  • Torben Kristensen, Director of Waratah Farms, will provide an overview of pig genetics in New Zealand
  • Graham Plastow, of Genesis Faraday, will investigate how science and technology can 'bring home the bacon' .

JSR's Director of Research & Genetics, Dr Grant Walling, will introduce the audience to scientific research at JSR with reference to notable successes - and failures - and what can be learnt from each.

"This conference provides an ideal opportunity to exchange information with some of the industry's keenest minds. Sharing our ideas in this way is vital to the future of the pork industry," he says.

5m Editor