Pig Board Begins Building Stock

by 5m Editor
26 October 2007, at 9:47am

ZIMBABWE - The Pig Industry Board has started building the nation's breeding stock to reach a targeted 25,000 sows, enough to ensure pork production can satisfy export requirements.

The breeding stock, which had reached a high of 14 000 sows in 1994, dropped to about 7 000 due to viability problems created by many disused pig units at the height land reform took place.

In an interview, board director Dr Paul Ndiweni said the board had started programmes to come up with increased production of pigs.

"We are going on a drive to have at least 300 to 500 sows a farmer through pig breeding systems while importing sows to produce breeding sows that would be sold to the farmers," he said.

He said the decline in 2003 saw stakeholders in the industry come together to prepare a five-year strategic plan for the growth of the industry.


5m Editor