Pig prices slightly stronger

by 5m Editor
19 October 2007, at 9:42am

AUSTRALIA - With the Christmas season rapidly approaching, pig prices are set to rise further on the back of a shrinking supply.

The NSW Pork Indicator was steady at 270 cents a kilogram, while the NSW bacon indicator made 239c/kg, up 1c/kg on last week.

National Livestock Reporting Service market analyst, Michelle Lepparde, said there had been reports a number of retailers and wholesalers might have to go without stock during Christmas with the lack of pigs available.

However, Miss Lepparde said as supplies continued to tighten in the lead-up to the peak Christmas demand period, prices would skyrocket.

She said it was predicted prices would remain at the higher levels after Christmas due to the extreme lack of supply.

V.C Reid and Son stockman, Murray Reid, Forbes, said while slaughter-ready pork and bacon pigs were still meeting firm prices in the saleyards, sow values had more than halved in recent weeks.

"Sows were making up to 130c/kg a while ago, and now they're making about 40c/kg," Mr Reid said.

However, Mr Reid said there was hope for those producers who had managed to hang on.

"With all the pigs, especially breeding stock, that have been coming through the saleyards here lately, numbers should go down soon," he said.

Source: North Queensland Register

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