Pork Futures: Most Hogs Weak

by 5m Editor
21 October 2007, at 5:32pm

CHICAGO - Most CME hogs settled weaker on cash pressure, bear spreads and commercial selling. Also, Thursday's pork cutout relapse and uneasiness about aggressive hog kills prompted selling into earlier upticks.

Pork futures started the morning in negative trading territory as bearish fundamentals kept early board buyers on the outside of the pit looking in while waiting for market direction.

Hogs contracts began inching upward as shorts covered previously held positions. By the same token, willing sellers took advantage of gains. Actions by bulls and bears as they squared positions before the weekend created an unstable market environment throughout the morning.

Nonetheless, futures momentarily gained their footing as buyers outnumbered sellers. However, hog contracts ultimately favored the path of least resistance in response to disappointing midday direct cash hog prices.

Floor traders suspect packers would test the waters with steady money in hand on Monday. But, given current slaughter levels, and what is expected to be a 200,000-plus Saturday kill, processors may again put the clamps on cash bids as Monday rolls into Tuesday.

Pork cutouts may also take another hit on the heels of this weekend's kill, a broker said. With wholesale meat as plentiful as it is, there is no need for retailers to book large fresh meat orders when they know prices will trend later.

RJ O'Brien was on both sides of December. Locals sold December and were among April buyers. Rosenthal sold December and bought February on spreads. Fimat was cited as a December seller.


5m Editor