Producer views differ from the official stance

by 5m Editor
26 October 2007, at 9:45am

UK - Some European countries have still not recognised that the pig industry will continue losing money until at least late summer next year, when downsizing starts to take effect, reports NPA general manager Barney Kay.

He has identified a ‘last man standing’ stance by the Dutch, Germans and Danes.

"However it should be remembered that the people expressing these views are officials, whereas we know from our own contacts that producers in these countries are expressing a very different view because of the losses they are suffering.”

Not enough
NPA also reports that aids for pigmeat storage are unlikely to be sufficient to bring balance back to the pig market. According to Copa-Cogeca, the European farmers and cooperatives organisation, confidence in the scheme is very low and it is calling on the European Commission to monitor market developments closely. It says it also must make use of export refunds ‘as soon as the market shows signs of weaknesses’.

Another export blow
And there has been another blow to pig farmers with news that pigs from the exports-allowed area will not be allowed into the no-export area for slaughter and export until the middle of next week. Defra had hoped to announce the relaxation this week, but delays in translation in Brussels have prevented this.

5m Editor