Relief measures urged for hog farmers

by 5m Editor
25 October 2007, at 9:05am

TAIPEI - Up to 60 percent of local hog farmers will be forced to shut down operations by the end of the year if the government fails to come up with effective countermeasures against rising feed costs and declining pork prices, said a lawmaker of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

DPP lawmaker Yen Wen-chang, accompanied by representatives of the ROC Swine Association, told a press conference held at the Legislative Yuan yesterday morning that the price of corn feed has shot up to NT$9 per catty from NT$4 within just two months, while pork prices have plunged to NT$5,013 per 100 kilos from NT$6,124 during the same period, causing farmers to suffer greatly.

"Farmers won't have any income if they don't sell hogs, but they will suffer a loss of NT$2,000 to NT$3,000 for every hog sold," Yen said.

In response, Yen continued, local hog farmers may be forced to withdraw from their existing operations, which in turn may undermine the business operations of local feed makers and restaurants, among others.

Yen doubted the sharp price rise in corn feed -- mostly imported from the U.S. -- could result from manipulation by importers.

Source: TheChinaPost

5m Editor