Rosy Future For Organic Red Meat

by 5m Editor
23 October 2007, at 11:59am

NORTHERN IRELAND - The Northern Ireland red meat industry may be losing 3200m per year but one young County Down farmer believes an organic farm shop is the way to a profitable future.

Dale Orr has found a way to increase his income

The recent red meat task force report made grim reading for local cattle and sheep producers.

The current industry, it said, is not viable and farmers needs a 30% increase in market returns to stay in business.

So far, there has been little indication that the supermarkets are prepared to make any major price concessions.

But for one young Strangford farmer the future looks rosy thanks to the demand for organic meat from traditional breeds.

Dale Orr's family have been farming in County Down for generations.

Source: BBCnews

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