TOPIGS populates new project in Mexico

by 5m Editor
2 October 2007, at 10:49am

MEXICO - Mexican company OJAI populated a new 4800 sow project with TOPIGS genetics.

This new project in the Sonaras region is populated with SPF parent sows and great parent sows from Canadian nucleus farms.

OJAI is an agribusiness company that focuses on exporting high quality meat to Japan and South Korea. OJAI chose TOPIGS because of the special qualities of the genetics.

The Tempo x TOPIGS 40 combination scores high on specific meat quality for the Japanese market, production capacity, longevity and feed intake. Also the capability of the TOPIGS 40 sow in the climate OJAI operates in was another reason for choosing TOPIGS.

OJAI keeps pigs in an area with temperatures vary from almost zero to plus 50 degrees Celsius and a very high humidity. TOPIGS 40 and Tempo perform better than their competitors under these conditions.

5m Editor