USDA Reopens Public Comment on Ethanol Standards

by 5m Editor
8 October 2007, at 6:16am

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration (GIPSA) today extended the public comment period for 60 days on the Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking in the Federal Register.

USDA is seeking comments on whether there is a market need for GIPSA's role in differentiating grain attributes for ethanol production, as well as standardizing the testing of co-products of ethanol production, commonly referred to as "distillers dried grains."

GIPSA Administrator James E. Link said USDA is seeking comment on the market need to offer GIPSA testing services to better describe the type and quality of grain purchased and the feedstuff produced for ethanol production and marketed as various forms of distillers grains.

During fermentation, grain starch is converted to ethanol and the remaining nutrients, such as protein, fat, minerals and vitamins end up as distillers dried grains or condensed distillers solubles. These co-products are often sold as animal feed.

Distillers grains are typically marketed to feed formulators and livestock producers for livestock feeding, primarily for beef, dairy, pork and poultry. One bushel of corn or about 56 pounds produces approximately 2.8 gallons of ethanol and 17 pounds of distillers grains. 25 percent of the 2007 corn crop will go to ethanol - about 9.3 billion gallons, up from 5.9 billion gallons in 2006.

All interested parties are invited to submit comments and supporting information to aid in GIPSA's evaluation on how to best facilitate the marketing of distillers grains in today's evolving marketplace. GIPSA is seeking comment on market needs and the feasibility and desirability of its programs to facilitate the marketing of ethanol co-products.

Comments must be received by December 4, 2007. The original comment period of 60 days closed on Sept. 18, 2007. Comments may be submitted via email to [email protected]; regular mail, courier or hand delivery to Tess Butler, GIPSA, USDA, 1400 Independence Ave., S.W., Room 1647-S, Washington, D.C. 20250-3604; fax to (202) 690-2755 or via the Federal eRulemaking Portal at

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