World pigmeat prices continue to fall

by 5m Editor
30 October 2007, at 8:53am

EU - Worldwide pig meat prices have continued to fall, with EU mainland pigmeat producer quotes slipping from €1.50 to €1.25 over the past three months.

US pigmeat prices are at their lowest levels since April 2006, with southern hemisphere pig producers in South America and Australia also facing falling returns.

While the European Union has introduced Aid to Private Storage for 100,000 tonnes of pigmeat this week (29 October), this may do little more than stabilise the market rather than improve values.

Improve retailer prices

In order to ease the financial pressures faced by UK pig producers, the British Pig Executive is considering an industry proposal to suspend the pig levy worth £1.05/pig for a three month period.

Source: FarmersWeekly

5m Editor