EU pig prices: Stabilising with prospects

by 5m Editor
28 November 2007, at 1:13pm

EU - The European finished pig market has hardly changed during the past week.

Over supply continues, although demand from slaughter companies has been sustained.

Steady prices have been seen and attributed mainly to good export opportunities, combined with private storage and the announcement of an export refund scheme.

In EU member countries there has been some stability. Prices in European countries outside the Union prices have also shown similar trends, although Austria and Spain report slight increases to revenues this week. It is the first price rise since June 2007, and Spain has now raised its quotations. Prices here, however, remain the lowest in Europe.

The slaughtering and processing sector in France has been impaired due to a veterinarian dispute, but no noticeable market distortion has been reported.

Trend: Brisk demand, as is usual before Christmas, guarantees finished pig sales until the end of the year. Supplies will decline slightly and prices are expected to remain steady throughout Europe.

5m Editor