Hog farmers granted faster access to funding help

by 5m Editor
1 November 2007, at 9:36am

CANADA - Struggling hog producers in Nova Scotia may be able to access a pot of money by the end of the year.

There is no new funding available, but the government is allowing quicker access to the federal Canadian Agricultural Income Stabilization Program (CAIS).

"Quite frankly, it's never enough. But I do believe at the end of the day this will assist the farmer to move to a more profitable model and help them with some real pressing financial concerns today," Brooke Taylor, the province's minister of agriculture, said Tuesday.

Producers who have a difficult year can apply for CAIS funding. Under the old rule, they had to wait until tax season, which meant they didn't see the money until late spring.

Taylor said now they can apply as soon as possible for half of the funding, with the other half to come after they complete their tax returns.


5m Editor