Pig farmer hits back after cancer claims

by 5m Editor
12 November 2007, at 7:07am

UK - Kilpin pig farmer Richard Longthorp has hit back after claims that bacon and ham could increase your risk of cancer.

The World Cancer Research Fund published findings of its largest ever inquiry into lifestyle and cancer last week, and issued several stark recommendations.

These included not gaining weight as an adult, avoiding sugary drinks and alcohol, and not eating bacon or ham.

Researchers said people should stop eating processed meats and limit the consumption of red meat to 500g a week - although this still means people could eat, for example, five hamburgers each week.

Richard, who employs 11 locals and produces around 28,000 pigs each year, told the Courier: “I’m picking up that a good proportion of people are getting a bit tired of all these reports.

“There seems to be something in the press every day, one day wine is good for you the next it’s not, then meat is good for you then it’s not.

“We’re all living longer and we’re all going to die of something. We’ve got to strike a balance.


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