Pork Board works to preserve the industry's image

by 5m Editor
15 November 2007, at 11:04am

US - Image is important to any industry’s success, and the Pork Industry is no exception. National Pork Board President Lynn Harrison says one area the industry should focus on is the image of the pork industry as it is portrayed to the general public.

Harrison says that a decreasing number of farmers mean fewer consumers have a connection to or understanding of today’s pork industry. In an effort to combat this problem, the pork board has developed a program called Operation Main Street to help spread positive information about swine production and products.

“When a family doesn’t have any contact with agriculture they lose the understanding of what happens in agriculture,” Harrison said, “We have developed 10-15 minute presentations talking about modern swine production and how it happens on the farm and what we do to protect the environment and produce a high quality and safe product to eat,”

Source: BrownfieldNetwork

5m Editor