PQA Plus Program assures pork quality

by 5m Editor
15 November 2007, at 10:00am

US - The National Pork Board began the Pork Quality Assurance Program in 1989 to help producers review their management practices to ensure a healthy and quality product. Since then, the program has been updated to keep with industry changes.

Pork Producer Mike Wehler of Plain, Wisconsin says the new program focuses more on food safety and animal well being.

“The PQA Plus has been developed to follow on the shirt tails of the Pork Quality Assurance Program and simply ad a swine wellness component to it. States, including Wisconsin, will be implementing this program over the next three years as the PQA certification for individual producers needs to be renewed,” Wehler says.

The PQA Plus Program includes three steps beginning with individual certification through education, followed by a farm site assessment and audits to maintain credibility of those in the program. The updated program also states 10 Good Production practices producers should follow including:

Source: BrownfieldNetwork

5m Editor