Smithfield Rejects Cloned Pork

by 5m Editor
26 November 2007, at 11:45am

US - Market leading pork producer Smithfield Foods, says it will not produce or use pork from cloned animals. It says the technology is, as yet, unproven and requires further investigation.

The internationally respected company, is among a growing number of businesses that have rejected cloning. However, the controversial technology does look set to become a key feature of America's food production channels.

In spite of industry wide concerns and consumer opposition, meat and milk from cloned animals is poised to enter the nation's food chain. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) earlier this year said it would likely make a decision on food from cloned animals by December 2007.

Smithfield Foods says that it is not planning to produce meat products from cloned animals: "The science involved in cloning animals is relatively new. As thoughtful leaders in our industry, we will continue to monitor this technology," said the company.

Consumers also have misgivings and there are no signs that they are embracing the idea of food produced through cloning. A recent national survey commissioned by the International Food Information Council (IFIC), found that 50 percent of American consumers have an unfavorable view of cloning, while 28 percent remain neutral.

Campaigners, such as the Center for Food Safety, say that it is these concerns that have prompted food firms to confirm their opposition to this technology and that they will no include it in thoer production systems.

And a recent survey by the Consumers Union found that 89 percent of Americans want all food produced from cloned animals to be labeled.

5m Editor