Thompson's tip: Pay attention to winter ventilation

by 5m Editor
21 November 2007, at 2:06pm

UK - There is the usual transition period of mixed cold and warm weather during the autumn and as winter approaches, producers need to take account of fluctuating temperatures and the dire effects it can have on pig health and performance.

However, busy farm staff can often be slow to respond to these fluctuations naturally ventilated pig buildings or those that are not completely environmentally controlled, says Paul Thompson, veterinary consultant to pig-breeding company, ACMC.

Are your buildings primed for winter?

Although extra work is involved in constantly adjusting, gale-breakers, curtains and kennel lids one of the biggest triggers of respiratory and wasting disease is draughts which lead to chilling.

"Every effort to maintain pigs at the correct temperature should pay dividends," says Ian.

5m Editor