Company denies ham is a sham

by 5m Editor
7 December 2007, at 9:41am

AUSTRALIA - Australian Pork Limited has raised alarm bells about a processed ham, which it strongly suspects combines the meat of a Canadian pig, with the bone of an Australian pig.

Such products are being marketed as "ham on the bone" in some supermarkets.

APL refused to name the company concerned, but ABC Rural has reported that the product is marketed by KR Castlemaine.

APL chief executive, Andrew Spencer, says that while the hams may not be breaking any labelling laws, they could be misleading Aussie consumers, and local pork producers are considering action.

"Well we are, and thinking as a consumer, if I see a piece of ham with a bone in it, I assume it's real ham on the bone, with the bone and the ham coming from the same animal," he says. "And I don't think it's any way to treat your customers, to deceive them like that. "It's no way to treat Australian pig producers either, because they're trying to make a dollar," he adds.

Source: ABCRural

5m Editor