Second shipment of bad meat seized at Greek port

by 5m Editor
18 December 2007, at 11:10am

GREECE - A second shipment of Cypriot meat products was confiscated in Greece yesterday after being deemed unsuitable for human consumption by the Greek authorities.

Nearly 25 tonnes of frozen pork products were seized at Piraeus port which carried the dates during which such exports were forbidden due to the foot and mouth crisis.

It was the second shipment of 24 tonnes with the offending date that was confiscated by the Greek authorities.

In statements to Greek media, Piraeus port authorities said there was an explicit decision from the EU that meat products from Cyprus dated after September 15 and up to December 15, were prohibited.

Reports from Athens quoted officials as saying it appeared that unscrupulous traders had hoped to offload the prohibited meat – which was unfit for human consumption – on the Greek market.

The shipment will now be destroyed by the Greek authorities while veterinarian officials must proceed with disinfecting the loading and unloading areas of the docks.

Source: Cyprus-mail

5m Editor