1,000 Pig Per Day Plant Proposed for Butte

by 5m Editor
30 January 2008, at 9:35am

MONTANA - The Ranchland Packing Company wants to invest $13.5 million in a pork production plant in Butte's TIFID District. The proposed 66,000 square foot operation would slaughter 1,000 pigs a day and is likely to hire some 90 workers.

Gary Wold will pitch a presentation to TIFID board members this morning,

Wold, who owns the meat processing plant on Centennial Avenue, told Montana's News Station that the TIFID district would be an ideal location since it has infrastructure, including a waste water line.

He said the stock yards would be in an enclosed area and water would be treated to meet Metro Sewer Standards.

Butte Silver Bow Community Development Director Karen Byrnes says the county has concerns over the plant's environmental impact.

"Whenever we talk about killing an animal or having a hog slaughter facility, all sorts of questions come up as to the conditions of the facility, the smell associated with the animal, the waste water, all the environmental questions."

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5m Editor