Conference Will Tackle Tough Year Ahead

by 5m Editor
18 January 2008, at 10:42am

US - Strategies and management techniques to help pork producers cope with what is likely to be one of the toughest years ahead, will be presented at the 2008 Central Indiana Pork Conference on 22 January in Rossville.

"This is an era of change for pork producers," says Chris Hurt, Purdue Extension agriculture economist and one of the conference‘s featured speakers. He has already predicted that 2008 will be worse than 1998 for the pork industry. He says that conference will discuss what producers can do to minimise losses and damage to their businesses until prospects improve in next year.

"The two main reasons for this ugly prediction are high feed prices, which have driven the expected cost of production up to $57.00 per live hundredweight. And secondly, large pork supplies which may result in the lowest pork prices we‘ve seen in five years. “This means solutions will come from both controlling feed costs and getting hog prices up,” says Hurt.

The conference will also provide producers with new strategies and tools to deal with the industry‘s changing climate.


  • The conference will be held from 9am at Rossville High School.
  • Registration, which includes lunch, handouts and refreshments, is $20 per person
  • Registration is requested by 18 January 2008.

For more information or to register click here.

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