EU Pig Prices: Steady at the Beginning of the Year!

by 5m Editor
4 January 2008, at 9:26am

EU - A new year and the situation continues to be extraordinarily calm on the European finished pig market.

Unlike in previous years, hardly any backlog supply seems to have been generated over the public holidays this year.

On this basis, the quotations prove to have hardly changed in most European regions this week. In some countries, prices had been fixed for a two weeks’ time anyway before the Christmas season.

The Polish market, however, was stimulated. Prices here went up by 20 cents per kg slaughter weight since the Russian market opened up to the Polish pork trade two weeks ago. This has brought welcome relief for the Eastern European pig sector, which had been highly pressurised due to low-priced Polish offers over the past months. However, German companies are cashing in on this development.

Trend: Steady prices may be expected as a result of supply remaining comparably small; export opportunities will continue and the meat market should stay steady.


5m Editor