OPV Opens Swine Breeding Center

by 5m Editor
29 January 2008, at 8:20am

PHILIPPINES - The Office of the Provincial Veterinarian and the Cadiz City Veterinary Office recently inaugurated the Negros Occidental Swine- Breeding Center in Brgy. Tinampa-an, reports the Daily Star.

The breeding center, which can house 25 sows and 70 heads for fattening, has facilities such as farrowing and gestating cage, boar's pen, fattening pen and concrete structure.

Prior to its operation, the provincial government through the OPV provided one head junior boar and three heads gilt worth P73,000 as counterpart for the community to start its own genetic improvement program. It will be used for artificial insemination on swine for a maximized breeding potential, the press release said.

Provincial Veterinarian Renante Decena said the establishment of a breeding center is a key towards a sustainable animal improvement program in the province.

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5m Editor