Pig Aid Launched

by 5m Editor
14 January 2008, at 12:42pm

UK - The British pig industry is looking for pig farmers, who can sing and play musical instruments, to take part in a recording of a campaign song.

The Pig Aid song is a musical means to show the plight of the British pig farmers and keep their campaign over high feed prices in the public eye.

"To keep the story of the feed price campaign fresh we constantly have to think of new and imaginative stories to grab the attention of the media," said a spokesman for the British Pig Executive.

"As part of the next stage of the campaign we are launching "Pig Aid," the recording of a song to demonstrate the ongoing problems facing pig farmers.

"This will provide us with a strong story for press, broadcast and online media.

We are currently looking for pig farmers who can sing or play a musical instrument to take part in the recording of the song. So if you can sing or play (or even if you can't but want to take part) we'd like to hear from you. The song title and venues for recording to be confirmed at a later date."

Anybody interested in taking part should contact Neil Foster [email protected]

5m Editor